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Something that I absolutely love about Usagi’s final battle with Galaxia is that, in the end, she doesn’t actually harm or fight her. The power of Usagi’s love and forgiveness leads to Galaxia’s redemption, either through her death (manga) or life (anime). Through her selfless actions, she reminds us that the only thing stronger than hate is love and that, in the end, hurting others will only lead to more suffering. 


Bust a Move 4 coming to PSN ⊟

Yeahhhh, gonna be able to download Bust a Move 4 on my Vita sometime this spring! And my PS3 and PSP should I decide to. Natsume is publishing the game as a PSOne Classic in North America.

This version of the Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move series adds pulley levels, in which two sets of bubbles are attached to one another via ropes and pulleys, so you have to keep them balanced while breaking them.

This was a great game… on the Game Boy Color, where I played it, so I can only imagine the PS version is better. It’s got to be better as a handheld Puzzle Bobble than Bust a Move Universe.

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